Catharsis (UK) Beyond A Joke; demo (1989)


Catharsis - Beyond A Joke


Singer Brian Puplett sent me 2 tapes to review, probably instigated by Anthony Palmer (Dingo Baby & Duhhh editor; they’ld be in ‘Embittered‘ together). They both lived in Middlesbrough at that time. These 2 demos were ‘Catharisis’ (nót the USA one) first: More Fun Than Laughing and this one here.

The line-up during these recordings was Bri (vocals), Dale Tominson (guitar), Darren Moore (drums) and ‘Riff’ (bass). Bri was the first singer and only sang on these 2. He was replaced by vocalist Chris Campbell/Durkin who would later play bass in ‘Kito’.


This was the first 7″ released by ‘Catharsis’ in 1989. The second demo of 4. It was released on Yukon Ho!, by a friend who also lived in Middlesbrough. It was pretty exciting for us at the time as we were the only band amongst our scene to have an actual vinyl release. We were around 19/20 years old at the time and coming from the industrial North East where unemployment at the time was mandatory. We were young, bored and pissed off and liked listening to bands like ‘D.R.I.’! ‘Catharsis’ was my first band, we were very popular in our region for a few years. Musically we were aiming for a crossover sound, fusing thrash and hardcore with an underlying groove. When ‘Catharsis’ split Bri and me formed ‘Manfat‘ and later we formed ‘John Holmes’.

Dale Tomlinson

Catharsis - Dale Tomlinson, Chris Campbell, Darren Moore & Riff‘Catharsis’ 2nd line-up: Dale Tomlinson, Chris Campbell, Darren Moore & ‘Riff’

Catharsis (Beyond A Joke) lyr

Catharsis (Beyond A Joke) draw

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